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Tooley Makes A Friend     


Tooley is a six year old boy who plans to be a detective during summer vacation.  But his plans change when his parents announce that Tooley will be spending the summer on his elderly Aunt Nan’s farm while they go on a business trip to Japan.  This is the very last thing Tooley wants to do!

To cheer him up, Tooley’s Mom promises any gift he’d like when they return if only Tooley makes five new friends.  Tooley, of course, presumes that this will be impossible because Aunt Nan has no friends. 

By story’s end, how surprised Tooley is when he doesn’t make five new friends.  He makes twenty-five!



For over twenty years, Ree Howell has been a Creative Associate with LA based film company, Believe Entertainment.  She has worked as an award winning playwright, a film producer, and as the founder of Cape Theater Group in Maine. Tooley Makes A Friend is her first children's book



Mother Dolores Hart O.S.B.  is the former prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut.  She is the author of The Ear of the Heart, which tells the story of her journey from Hollywood star to becoming a nun.  2016 marks her 50th year at the Abbey.  As a former actress, Mother Dolores also remains a Member Emeritus of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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